There and Back Again (2006)



Track 1 – My Own Worst Enemy
Track 2 – Relocation Song
Track 3 – One More Day
Track 4 – Person I Adore
Track 5 – Make Me Blue
Track 6 – Distraction
Track 7 – Under the Bridge
Track 8 – Dear Betty
Track 9 – One Night
Track 10 – Hunger
Detroit Music Award-Nominated album!

“This singer is sassy, confident and assertive. There and Back Again touches upon jazz elements in addition to soul stirrings…Thomas has a strong and distinctive voice, one that demands to be heard.” – Dan MacIntosh,

“Tracy Kash Thomas is a true talent with the best voice I have heard in years and the songwriting on all the selections of this CD is no less than top notch.” – L. Anne Carrington-Indie Music Stop