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“Tracy Kash …is a true talent with the best voice I have heard in years!” – L. Anne Carrington

Tracy’s… latest release “Fierce” is a throwback to the good old days. A multi-talented singer songwriter (she also plays keys and flute), Tracy is not afraid to have equally talented musicians back her up. Personal favorites are “You Can’t Come to my Party”, and “I Love me More”. Like all her songs, these are things that one can identify with in different ways depending on your personal perspective and history.”   – Scott Boatright, WHFR, Dearborn, MI

Tracy Kash began her musical life as a classical musician. She received a Bachelor’s degree from University of North Texas- and a Master’s degree from the venerable Boston Conservatory, in orchestral music and music theory.  Tracy is an accomplished flutist, vocalist, composer, arranger, and pianist.

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